Welcome to beausanders.org

Welcome to beausanders.org

Welcome to beausanders.org

Launched in 2002, beausanders.org provides students in selected Computer Technology Department classes at Greenville Technical College in Greenville, South Carolina access to course materials and other resources to help them succeed as CPT students. Some items on this site are password protected due to copyright restrictions.

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Beau Sanders

Instructor Contact Information

Beau Sanders

Beau Sanders
Professor in the Computer Technology Department
Greenville Technical College
Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)
Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator (RHCSA)
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE4)
Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet (MCP+I)
A+ Certified Computer Technician
Linux + Certified Professional
Network+ Certified Professional

Main Campus • Office 103-223D
Engineering Technology Building
Greenville Tech Office:
Cell Phone:


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About Us

About beausanders.org

This website was originally launched in 2002 as beausanders.com while I was an adjunct instructor in the Network Systems Administration Department at Greenville Technical College in Greenville, South Carolina. Its original purpose was to distribute lecture notes, lab materials, assignments, and other class material to students in my classes. At that time the college did not have the technology to distribute class materials on the Internet. We added an online glossary, discussion forum, links directory, and a few other features to engage our students.

In 2010 we changed the domain to beausanders.org to make it sound less commercial, but we still maintain alias domains beausanders.com, beausanders.us, beausanders.net, and beausanders.info. We have added several additional servers to help manage our development projects including production servers linux1.beausanders.org, linux3.beausanders, linux4.beausanders.org, and linux6.beausanders.org. Running separate servers provides redundancy and backup, as well as good practice maintaining our systems administration skills.

Over the years our website has gone through many changes. We created the GeekGlossary.com web app to modernize our online glossary. Then we developed the Jobs Board. Recently we took the Links Directory out of mothballs and cleaned it up. It was added back to the website in March 2021.

Thank you for visiting beausanders.org. Use our Contact form if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments to share.


IST239: Datum and JavaScript

IST239: Datum and JavaScript introduces the student programming concepts that involve the integration of client side and server side scripts into web pages. The emphasis of the course is on client side scripting where client side scripts are used to create dynamic web pages that respond to user input. Client side scripting topics will include script integration, language syntax, data storage, control structures, functions, and procedures.

IST239 is administered in Blackboard. Students in IST239 are expected to log in daily during the semester to keep up with the course content.

Students in IST239 will create a Final Exam Project using JavaScript that should be portfolio worthy.

CPT168: Programming Logic and Design

CPT168: Programming Logic and Design is a “first programming class” for Computer Technology Department students at Greenville Technical College. This course is a required core course for all network administration, systems administration, cybersecurity, and programming students enrolled in the CPT Department’s associate degree program.

Some of the topics covered in CPT168: Programming Logic and Design include:

  • An introduction to Python programming
  • How to write your first program
  • How to code control statements
  • How to define and use functions and modules
  • How to test and debug a program
  • How to work with lists and tuples
  • How to work with file I/O
  • How to handle exceptions
  • plus many other concepts and skills

CPT168 Textbook: Murach’s Python Programming (2nd Edition)

After careful consideration of many Python programming books, we decided to use Murach’s Python Programming (2nd Edition) by Michael Urban and Joel Murach as the textbook for CPT168: Programming Logic and Design. The following information comes from the publishers website.

Murach’s Python Programming (2nd Edition)

by Michael Urban and Joel Murach
18 chapters, 564 pages, 227 illustrations
Published April 2021
ISBN 978-1-943872-74-9

Link to Publisher’s Website

“Python is one of today’s fastest-growing languages. Its simple syntax makes it relatively easy to learn, and its diverse uses…from web and game programming to data analysis and data mining to scientific computing, artificial intelligence, and more!…are fueling its popularity. So we had to answer the clamor for a Murach book on Python. Now, we believe it provides the fastest, easiest, yet most professional way to learn Python that you can find, whether you’re a beginning programmer or have years of experience.”

IST191: Linux System Administration

Linux mascotCatalog Course Description: This course will provide students with the skills necessary to manage Linux users and groups, secure a Linux server, and to deploy and administer the core network services in a Linux system, such as Apache Web Server, Samba File Server, BIND Domain Name Service, Network File Service (NFS), and other network services.

Purpose of the Course: Students will learn how manage Linux users and groups, as well as secure a Linux server. Students will also learn how to install and configure Linux network services including Apache Web Server (Apache), Samba File Service (SMB), Berkley Domain Name Service (BIND), Network File Service (NFS), Postfix E-mail Service, and other Linux network services.

The student support materials for IST191 are located here or on Blackboard. All IST191 Assignments, Lab Exercises, and Unit Tests will be submitted to Blackboard.

  • Easily find the current Course Schedule by clicking the IST191 Course Schedule button in the menu bar on the right.
  • Current IST191 Lecture Slides and IST191 Lecture Videos will be posted here.
  • If you need to look up a computer term, try out our Geek Glossary. Thousands of computer terms from our courses are defined in a user friendly database, a big help when studying class material.

This web site is intended for the exclusive use of students in this class. The purpose of this site is to provide copies of study materials and other resources that will help in the successful completion of this course. Students are encouraged to visit this site regularly and take advantage of these resources.

Welcome to IST226

IST226: Internet Programming  covers designing internet pages and applications for personal/business use, writing the required program code in languages such as HTML, Java, and VRML, testing and debugging programs, uploading and maintaining internet pages and applications. Students in IST226 will study HTML and CSS.

IST226 is administered in Blackboard. Students in IST226 are expected to log in daily during the semester to keep up with the course content.

Students in IST226 will create a Final Exam Project using HTML and CSS that should be portfolio worthy.


IST203 Optional Textbooks from Cisco Press

No textbooks are required for IST203. There are optional textbooks provided by Cisco Press for this course that IST203 students may want to purchase. Course content in IST203 will be provided to students through the Cisco Networking Academy website at https://netacad.com. These optional textbooks are available as a bundle for the GTC Bookstore.

Scaling Networks v6 Companion Guide

Scaling Networks v6 Labs & Study Guide

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