IST191: Linux System Administration

Linux mascotCatalog Course Description: This course will provide students with the skills necessary to manage Linux users and groups, secure a Linux server, and to deploy and administer the core network services in a Linux system, such as Apache Web Server, Samba File Server, BIND Domain Name Service, Network File Service (NFS), and other network services.

Purpose of the Course: Students will learn how manage Linux users and groups, as well as secure a Linux server. Students will also learn how to install and configure Linux network services including Apache Web Server (Apache), Samba File Service (SMB), Berkley Domain Name Service (BIND), Network File Service (NFS), Postfix E-mail Service, and other Linux network services.

The student support materials for IST191 are located here or on Blackboard. All IST191 Assignments, Lab Exercises, and Unit Tests will be submitted to Blackboard.

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