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  • GradTracker Graduate Information Survey - CPT GradTracker was developed to help the CPT Department at Greenville Technical College in Greenville, South Carolina keep track of students after they graduate from our college. If you graduated from the CPT Department at Greenville Technical College, please create an account and enter the requested information. This will help the CPT Department do a better job of documenting the many professional and educational accomplishments of our great graduates. Thank you for participating in this graduate information survey. Your support of Greenville Technical College and the CPT Department is appreciated. popular (Added: 12-May-2023 Hits: 2279)
  • Join Us on - Join our new Greenville Technical College Computer Technology Department Students and Alumni group on Stay in touch with fellow Greenville Tech students, alumni, and teachers. This group is sharing job information, news about promotions, and open discussion about all things IT related. If you do not have an account on, click this link for more information on how to register. popular (Added: 12-May-2023 Hits: 4120)
  • Meet Your Instructor - Introduction bio information for Beau Sanders, Instructor in the CPT Department at Greenville Technical College popular (Added: 12-May-2023 Hits: 10688)
  • Instructor Contact Information - Contact information for Beau Sanders, Instructor in the CPT Department at Greenville Technical College (Added: 12-May-2023 Hits: 94)
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