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A collection of interesting resource links selected for computer technology students. Please feel free to add additional links.

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Articles (3)
Interesting computer articles submitted by instructors and students
Certification (10)
Certification programs, practice test sources
Computer Forums (5)
Active Discussion, problem solving, community building
Computer Hardware (30)
Manufacturers, parts distributors, system builders, reviews
Computer Magazines (8)
Magazines dealing with personal computers and computer technology
Computer Technology News (11)
Computer technology news sources
Cybersecurity (2)
Cybersecurity news, groups, organizations, and more
Gaming (4)
All things for computer gaming
Glossaries (5)
IT and PC glossaries
HowTo (10)
How-To instructions on various technical issues
IT Organizations (16)
Organizations serving the IT community
IT Resources (14)
Guides, directories, databases
Jobs in IT (13)
IT employment sites
Linux (18)
All things Linux
Miscellaneous (2)
Other interesting computer related links
Newsletters (11)
Great computer technology newsletters
Programming (7)
Languages and tools to create programming solutions
Software (27)
Web sites providing software
Tutorials (7)
Tutorials on how to do computer things
Web Hosting (8)
Web hosting providers
Total Resource Links: 211
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