A repository of helpful tools selected to aide students learning how to subnet...

Tutorials, Workshops, and Articles:
Easy Subnetting (.pdf)
Adapted from an article originally published on the Internet by Greg Stanley, MCP; rewritten by Beau Sanders; this article is written to help students who need a system to answer subnetting questions for certification exams or college networking courses, where calculators and/or tip sheets are not allowed; the writer assumes that the reader is familiar with subnetting theory and knows how to count in binary at least to 16 bits; included in the Subnetting Workshop handout listed below
Seven Steps to Subnetting (.pdf)
Excerpt from MCSE Guide to Microsoft® Windows 2000® Networking Certification Edition, written by Kelly Caudle, Walter J. Glenn, and James Michael Stewart; published by Course Technology
Handout from Subnetting Workshop (.pdf)
A collection of very helpful articles on subnetting, including "Easy Subnetting" and "Subnetting 1 2 3", as well as several subnetting hands-on exercises
Answer Key for Handout from Subnetting Workshop (.pdf)
Here are the answers to the hands-on exercises in the handout above
Subnet Workshop Audio File - Part 1 - 35 minutes (.mp3)
Subnet Workshop Audio File - Part 2 - 65 minutes (.mp3)
Audio from Subnetting Workshop held in January 2008; listen to this lecture while following along in the handout above; does not include discussion of exercises at end of handout; this lecture was recorded during a class at Greenville Tech
Subnet Workshop Worksheet (.pdf)
Blank Subnet Worksheet used in our Subnetting Workshop (.pdf)
Subnetting 1 2 3 (.pdf)
Written by Adam Chee, this tutorial article walks the reader through Mr. Chee's system for subnetting during networking exams; included in Subnetting Workshop handout listed above

IP Subnetting, Variable Subnetting, and CIDR (Supernetting)
Excellent article on subnetting
IP Variable Length Subnet Masking (VLSM)
Learn how to subnet a subnet and better manage address space when networks have varying number of host requirements
Quick and Dirty Subnetting (pdf)
A simple two page tutorial on how to subnet from PrepLogic

Learn to Subnet (pdf)
A five page whitepaper on learning how to subnet from PrepLogic
Subnetting Web Sites:
Informative tutorials on how to subnet; very helpful for new subnetters and a great refresher for those who have not had to subnet in a while; highly recommended by your instructor

An excellent online resource for all things related to subnetting; includes several excellent subnet calculators
Subnet Calculators and "Cheatsheets":
Solarwinds.net Free Advanced Subnet Calculator
One of the best free subnet calculators found on the Internet; click on the "Download Adv Subnet Calculator Now", complete the contact form, and follow the online instructions
TCP/IP Cheatsheet v2.1 (.pdf)
Handy collection of test taking aides from Boson Software

Subnet and IP Cheatsheet (.pdf)
Harvested from SubnetOnline.com, this is a detailed cheatsheet for advanced subnetters

Subnetting Tip Sheet (.pdf)
A homemade CCNA tip/cheatsheet that collects the most important subnet details on one page