This document is intended for IT professionals and managers who are considering deploying SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server. Novell has had a number of requests from customers looking for help specifically in moving from Red Hat* Enterprise Linux to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. In addition to what customers have told us, we will share insights that Novell has gained, having helped numerous customers transition to the most open, most interoperable and most manageable Linux* platform. The focus of this document will be on deploying SUSE Linux Enterprise Server in environments that previously ran Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This document will highlight key differences between the two platforms, and outline a general deployment plan. After reading this document, current users of Red Hat Enterprise Linux should understand how to become proficient with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and what a successful migration entails. An in-depth treatment of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server administration is outside the scope of this document. We encourage users to participate in Novell training modules that explore these topics in depth.