IST260: Network Design is the capstone course  for the Network Systems Administration students graduating with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Computer Technology from Greenville Tech.

So what is a "capstone course"?

According to, "In higher education, capstone courses, also known as senior seminars, offer undergraduate students nearing graduation the opportunity to summarize, evaluate, and integrate some or all of their college experience. The First National Survey of Senior Seminars and Capstone Courses conducted in 1999 suggested that these courses place the highest priority on culminating learning in the academic major. Enrollments in sections of senior seminars and capstone courses are most often kept at fewer than thirty students. These courses are generally treated as academic major or core requirements, most are at least one academic term in length, and most require a major project or presentation."

In our IST260 capstone course we have two objectives. First we want to intoduce our "soon to be" graduates to the IT community in the upstate. To do this we have scheduled a series of Senior Project Events, one about every two weeks during the semester on Tuesday nights at 6:00 PM. These events will feature either a guest speaker who is a recongnized expert in their field or a field trip to an IT implementation in the upstate. Click on the IT Events Calendar for a complete list and details about these events.

The second objective for our IST260 capstone course is to give each of our networking graduates a chance to prove that they can implement a networking solution. We have prepared a four-hour Performance Exam that each graduate must make a C or better on in order to graduate from our program. We have invested thousands of dollars in two racks of servers, routers, and switches where the Performance Exam will be done

There are NO TEXTBOOKS in IST260. However, you may need your old textbooks to brush up on skills from your Microsoft, Cisco, and Linux classes.

As described in the IST260 Syllabus, 70% of your IST260 grade will come from the four-hour Performance Exam. The remaining 30% will come from reports you will submit on each of the IT Events.

If you have any questions about IST260, please email .