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Here are the answers to some common questions about Transcender Practice Tests.

Can I take the practice tests more than once?
Yes. You can take the Transcender Practice Tests as many times as you want. There is no limit on the attempts. The more you take the practice tests, the better your chance of passing the industry certification exam.

How long is the license for the Transcender Practice Test?
One Year. You will have access to Transcender's download server for 12 months. Do not buy more practice test titles than you plan to use in 12 months. That is why we try to do this order once in the spring semester and once in the fall semester.

Is there a money back guarantee?
No. Transcender does not offer a money back guarantee on academic discounted products.

Can I install the Transcender Practice Test on more than one computer?
Yes, but please follow the policy on Transcender's website about sharing your practice test with other people.