CPT283: PHP Programming I is a relatively new course in the Computer Technology Department. We will be taking the good parts out of an old course (CPT238: Internet Scripting) and combining them with a revised textbook and a new approach to teaching PHP. CPT283 will be taught in the 2017 fall semester as a hybrid class, allowing students to do most of the chapter reviews and assignments on their own schedule, while we use our tradiitional classes to discuss PHP and our final project.

CPT283 is a web development course. It is the only open source programming course taught in the Computer Technology Department. All of the tools used in CPT283, including the operating system, are free on the Internet. Students in CPT283 will each be assigned a virtual server in the cloud on which to learn PHP and mySQL.

CPT283-001 in the 2017 fall semester will meet on Mondays from 11:10AM to 12:30PM in room 314 in the Engineering Building (103).

Our textbook will be Murach's PHP and mySQL, Second Edition. Click this link or the image below for more information about the text.

blank CPT283 Textbook