Catalog course description: This course includes the design, development, testing, and implementation of an instructor-approved project.

Purpose of the course: This course will provide the student with the opportunity to utilize the concepts and skills from previous coursework to analyze and develop a real-life project. This project will also allow the student to be a participant in a long-term team project and to deal with technical issues where independent research will be required.

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CPT275: Computer Technology Senior Project is the capstone course  for the Computer Programming  and Network Systems Administrations students graduating with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Computer Technology from Greenville Tech. Beginning in the Fall 2014 semester, CPT275 also includes all of the components of IST260 (previous capstone course for Network Systems Administration students) which has been suspended by the college administration.

So what is a "capstone course"?

According to, "In higher education, capstone courses, also known as senior seminars, offer undergraduate students nearing graduation the opportunity to summarize, evaluate, and integrate some or all of their college experience. The First National Survey of Senior Seminars and Capstone Courses conducted in 1999 suggested that these courses place the highest priority on culminating learning in the academic major. Enrollments in sections of senior seminars and capstone courses are most often kept at fewer than thirty students. These courses are generally treated as academic major or core requirements, most are at least one academic term in length, and most require a major project or presentation."



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