Over the years we have tried a number of different open source and "for fee" solutions for the Jobs Board on beausanders.org. It was recently decided that we would develop our own web app for the Jobs Board. The latest version of our Jobs Board was launched in January 2016. Since then several new features have been added.

If you have not visited our Jobs Board lately, please check it out. Several local companies and recruiting agencies have already started posting their job openings for our students via the Jobs Board. Anyone can post a job to the Jobs Board. If you know of any employment opportunities that would be of interest to our CPT Department students or alumni, please visit our Jobs Board and click on Post Job on the Jobs Board for instructions.

We added automatic email notifications. Click on Subscribe in the Jobs Board menu and enter your name and email address(es). You will receive an email within one day of new job listings being posted on our Jobs Board.

Please help us promote our Jobs Board. Tell your HR department and hiring authorities about this free service. We have around 350 students in our programs at anytime. We want to help them all find good jobs in IT in our area.


Thank you in advance for visiting our Jobs Board.