10 Bad Presentation Techniques and Their Remedies
Welcome to Bad Presentation Techniques 101. We have all sat through one -- the bad presentation. Are there really any bad presentation techniques or just bad presenters, such as... the reader, the unprepared, the mumbler, and the ever popular animation wizard...Have you ever experienced any of these scenarios while sitting through a presentation?
12 Tips for Delivering a Knockout Business Presentation
The first step is completed. Your wonderful presentation is created and ready for prime time. Now is your chance to shine when you deliver it to an audience. Here are tips to make this presentation a successful venture.
How To Make Effective Presentations and What Makes an Audience Listen
A great tutorial on how to make good business presentations; please excuse all the ads.
How to Make a Good Presentation
A good, basic list on how to effectively use PowerPoint in a business presentation.
How to Make Good Presentations
Oral Presentation Guidelines Published at the Vancouver Congress, 2005.
Some Rules for Making a Presentation
A great bullet list of ideas on how to make a good business presentation using PowerPoint.