This website was originally launched in 2002 as while I was an adjunct instructor in the Network Systems Administration Department at Greenville Technical College in Greenville, South Carolina. Its original purpose was to distribute lecture notes, lab materials, assignments, and other class material to students in my classes. At that time the college did not have the technology to distribute class materials on the Internet. We added an online glossary, discussion forum, links directory, and a few other features to engage our students.

In 2010 we changed the domain to to make it sound less commercial, but we still maintain alias domains,,, and We have added several additional servers to help manage our development projects including production servers, linux3.beausanders,, and Running separate servers provides redundancy and backup, as well as good practice maintaining our systems administration skills.

Over the years our website has gone through many changes. We created the web app to modernize our online glossary. Then we developed the Jobs Board. Recently we took the Links Directory out of mothballs and cleaned it up. It was added back to the website in March 2021.

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